We invite you to join us at United Voices Earth.

The Earth has a demonic spell cast upon it creating chaos, criminal injustice and censorship of truth worldwide. In light of this, a plethora of conscious freedom fighters and community groups are uniting to share their well-informed messages of hope, only to be lost in a sea of information that is difficult to locate, or is being censored by those who created the propaganda machine.

With all the propaganda, misinformation and muzzled truth being blockaded from the mass public eyes, a small group of enlightened doctors, coroner, education and media personalities were divinely guided together and inspired to remedy this situation: to create an accessible, secure online domain, where all may unite, on a single platform, via a comprehensive directory, which categorizes and archives all links to all domains, so accessibility and research is simplified – a “way forward machine”!

The UVE Team

Dr Holly Fourchalk

Doctor Holly Fourchalk, PhD, DNM, RCC, RHT, MH, HT

Dr Holly’s Whole Health Corner: Health – Building Immunity

Born with a genetic disorder, Dr Holly developed a holistic passion for health and how to ‘heal thyself’.  She now has more degrees than a thermometer, in a wide variety of disciplines; she has written 42 books; teaches everything under the sun, around the world, from spiritual, psychological and physical health to how to grown your own garden.

Dr Mel Bruchet

Doctor Mel Bruchet

Dr Mel’s Mission: Save the Children

“Thank you so very much for following and supporting me and my team, with your prayers and everything I need to keep going on this quest to end this worldwide carnage… sooner rather than later”

Susan Terry, ICU Media

Susan Terry, ICU Media: Multimedia Specialist, PEACE School Founder/Exec Director, B.Ed., B.A., TEFL, E.C.E., Artist, Musician

Susan Terry’s Media & Education Corner

“We enter the world as creative beings with great imaginations to guide us, and that is the perspective we live and learn from … the inside out.”

Tom Crean

Thomas P.J. Crean: Funeral Director (licensed), Musician, Songwriter

The Coroner’s Corner

Tom became involved in consumer advocacy and public education early in his career. Tom’s penchant for going up against impossible odds led him to make an ironic choice of heroes, a man he calls the ‘patron saint’ of lost causes: Don Quixote.