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Doctor Holly Fourchalk, PhD, DNM, RCC, RHT, MH, HT

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Dr Holly has more degrees than a thermometer. She left med school because they were so far behind, and they asked her to stop asking questions – they claimed she knew too much and was destroying the morale of the students.

She was surprised how far behind the Naturopathic College was, as well. While she learned a lot she left after the second year. She is a Dr of Natural Medicine, Dr of Psychology – practiced as a psychologist for 20 years then left because they were so far behind.

Frustrated with the limitations of psychology, she started to accumulate various degrees and designations in different healing modalities. The lawyers told her to put her various degrees in natural medicine in her maiden name, as the College of Psychologists didn’t like dual designation. When she was in the process of leaving the College, they found out. They attempted unsuccessfully to charge her with fraud, and announced it on the internet. They forgot to publish the fact that the College was in the wrong.

With her latest PhD in Nutrition, she identified the biochemistry for cellular healing.

In addition, she is also a scientist, International Professional speaker and the author of 42 books, writing her 43rd – Vaccine Journey.

She also sees energy around people and consequently trained in a number of different energy modalities, as well as taught people how to do the same. While in Naturopathic College, she unexpectedly learned to see the energy left from writing, ie., the energy on paper from an exam was entirely different than the energy left while writing notes.

In addition to her passion regarding helping people on all levels of life, spiritual, energetic, psychological and physical, she also has a passion about gardening both inside and outside. Currently she teaches people ‘gardening for your health’; gardening inside and outside’; gardening summer and winter’; and grow a ‘garage garden’ protecting food from the insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP), any and all chemtrails.

In addition to resolving issues from cancer to Muscular Sclerosis, arthritis, gut issues and more, in her clinic, she works with reversing the effects of the bioweapon injection – to help the body both reprogram and regulate the immune system.

On the fun aside, as a teen she wrote a World Religions curriculum, which was subsequently taught in schools.

Holly brings to the site information, a plethora of books and experience regarding Whole Health – from understanding your spiritual beliefs; your energetic field; your psychological filters; your physical wellbeing, to working in your garden.

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