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Food Forest Abundance
Food Forest Abundance designs and installs permaculture food forests ultimately building out a localized decentralized poison free food supply.  We work with home owners to help them convert their wasted lawn space into edible landscapes a […]
Freedom Network Club
One-stop spot for unmuzzled content. Providing the user experience you deserve for searching and watching thought provoking documentaries, interviews, PPV Events and more.  
Vernon, BC, Canada
Lighthouse Media Evolution
Our initiative Lighthouse Media Evolution works since two years successfully in Germany in creating a healthier relationship between activists and journalists. Now we invite the mainstream media to a peaceful and respectful dialogue on ey […]
Starnberg, Bavaria, Germany
Mama Bears Project
Mama Bears is a resource centre for parents, dedicated to providing children and parents with accurate and up to date information on topics concerning children’s health and general welfare. We offer a free mental health program, as well as […]
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Paradigm Education Academy of Creative Enlighte...
PEACE School is a charitable, non-profit NGO, born of a childhood vision for an ideal learning experience, where students engage their imagination and explore their world creatively. They are recognized for their individual gifts and talen […]
North Bay, Ontario, Canada
Sunshine Coast Peninsula Fellowship
The SunShine Coast Peninsula Fellowship is an unregistered private fellowship, which is a private ministry association in which we Care for our Souls in all matter of busyness. We focus on attending to the caring for All Souls in peace an […]
Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada
Vaccine Choice Canada
Vaccine Choice Canada is a federally registered not-for-profit educational society dedicated to helping families make voluntary, fully informed, and health-conscious choices about vaccination. VCC receives no government/corporate funding a […]
White Tiger Farm Llc.
White Tiger Farm is an ag enterprise to establish a natural rubber industry for America, while producing food with hundreds of plant species for gourmet, specialty food markets. We will turn ranch lands into food forest farm sites with off […]
Ashland, Oregon, United States