Susan Terry

Susan Terry’s Education & Media Insights

Susan Terry, ICU MediaMultimedia Specialist, PEACE School Founder/Exec Director, B.Ed., B.A., TEFL, E.C.E., Artist, Musician

Susan Terry is a graduate of Nipissing University: Bachelor of Arts, Fine Arts and Music majors, French Minor ~ Bachelor of Education – Visual Arts and Instrumental Music majors, International Teaching; TEFL degree;

Canadore College: Developmental Social Work; Computer Technology Software; Radio & Television Broadcasting; and Early Childhood Education.

Susan is a visionary who, upon being marched ‘like a soldier’ into the grade one classroom, became disillusioned with the militant industrial education environment. “We enter the world as creative beings with great imaginations to guide us, and that is the perspective we live and learn from … the inside out.” Every day, on her 1 km walk home from school, she envisioned how, when she grew up, she would change the world of education to a creative, exploration and enjoyable journey for all children. In high school, Susan was fascinated by the story of Maria Montessori and her work with mentally challenged children. Soon after she landed her first career to setup and supervise a Montessori style Child Enrichment Program with the North Bay Children’s Aid Society. This led her to become a Child Care Worker with ‘at risk teens’ in the heart of Toronto, followed by a long career in the creative field of multi-media communications in film, television and radio.

Susan developed skills as a journalist, writer, producer, director and editor employed by Crawley Films, International Cinemedia, and all Canadian National networks (Global, CBC, CTV). In 1990, she launched a multi-media Agency, in Nipissing region, Ontario, ICU Media, Marketing & Promotions – media production, communications, Public Relations, desktop publishing and web design. In tandem, she was a Public Relations Officer for Nipissing University, a Professor at Canadore College (Project Management) and CTS Career Training (Business English; Computer Software, Marketing), and ESL Instructor, while assisting in the coordination of the Regional and National Science Fairs for grade 7 to 12 students, over 13 years.

In 2006, after watching her children go through an even more discouraging education experience, she was inspired to acquire the credentials to begin the school of her early visions … a joyful and enlightening experience for all children, nurtured to develop in their own design, to their fullest potentiality. “Like flowers in a garden, we all contain within the birth seed everything we need to blossom fully, given a wholesome, loving and nurturing environment.”

The PEACE School methodology is an organic creation founded on consciousness, creativity and imagination, a conglomeration and collage of all the finest ancient and contemporary philosophies and methodologies, to provide the tools and inspiration to guide children to live an engaging, meaningful and purposeful life.

Susan is an advocate of cooperative community living and has volunteered in a variety of ways: playing flute in the North Bay Symphony and 22 Wing Military Band; chaperone and public relations officer for a high school band during two European tours through Vienna, Prague, Salzburg, Weimer, Bath, London (UK) and Paris. Very active in her children’s education, as Chair of Parent-Teacher Association and, via Children of Chernobyl Canada, hosting a Belarusian child for a summer respite in her home over 7 years. She has been encouraged, and guided by great Spirits and Mentors along her journey, who inspired the courage and confidence to undertake the immense mission to manifest this Divine vision: to re-enchant education and give the Earth back to the Arms of Love.