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United Voices was created to bring all freedom fighters and peace loving beings together on one archived categorized directory, so that you may easily and rapidly locate and source all the information you need and want.

We understand there are many struggling to stay afloat, above the realm of the corrupt government and elite banking system. So, we decided to create a pool of resources, to lend a hand to those warriors and organizations who strive to make the world a better place for One and All, to restore Heaven on Earth.

With the development of new and efficient fundraising tools, United Voices will invest all funds raised, towards those in dire need of assistance…. Any and all donations are accepted – from $5 to whatever you wish to contribute… the sky is the limit!

All donors will be acknowledged, along with recipients of the funds (unless anonymity is requested).

If you know, or are aware of any being, group or organization in need and deserving of funding assistance, please email fu*****@un**********.earth.

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