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Dr Holly Fourchalk focuses on remedies for CoVID and health related issues.Special article series: Health A-Z and Gardening A-Z. View more of Dr Holly's posts at newsforthesoul.com.

MRI Scan Results

MS – causes and resolutions

Disease that damages the myelin sheaths around nerves, thus causing problems with the central nervous system. We will explore what a few sites say about the causing of MS, then common indicators, then look at the some of the remedies.

Gardening from A-Z: Oranges

Oranges used to be considered a great source of Vit C, but for years now, the soils have been deficient in magnesium which oranges need to make Vit C – so they don’t. But there is more to oranges than Vitamin C. They are rich in fiber!!

Health from A-Z – Polymyalgia

What the heck is that? Well it's when you have a combination of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. Its pretty painful. I know, because I had it. But not anymore...
variety of nuts

Gardening A-Z : Nuts

Nuts are very nutritious, and all nuts contain fiber, fats, minerals, and protein, although in hugely different amounts. They have various minerals and vitamins in them. Thus, for a variety of reasons they are very medicinal.

Mangoes for your health?

Mango typically grows in more tropical areas – I have one phenomenally huge mango tree in my back courtyard…awesome…but are they good for your health?