Health from A-Z: Shortness of breath – SOB

cigarette in hand

While SOB may mean ‘son of B’, it also means short of breath. And there are lots of causes of SOB and easy ways to resolve the issue so let’s take a look.

General Causes:

  • Anxiety
  • Exposure to allergies/air pollutants
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Overweight/obesity
  • Smoking
  • Strenuous exercise

Underlying causes :

  • Abnormal heart function
  • Anemia
  • Asthma
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Lung cancer
  • Lung conditions, ie. TB

Acute causes :

  • Anaphylactic reaction
  • Blood clot in the lungs
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Choking
  • Heart attack
  • Heart failure
  • Pneumonia

If you are having SOB and don’t know why, you should consult a health professional.

Various herbal and diet protocols can resolve a number of issues. However, there is a rule of thumb: if you are having a heart attack, you should be going to the hospital. When you are stable and released, then go to a health professional and correct the underlying issues.