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Gardening from A-Z: Oranges

Oranges used to be considered a great source of Vit C, but for years now, the soils have been deficient in magnesium which oranges need to make Vit C – so they don’t. But there is more to oranges than Vitamin C. They are rich in fiber!!
variety of nuts

Gardening A-Z: Nuts

Nuts are very nutritious, and all nuts contain fiber, fats, minerals, and protein, although in hugely different amounts. They have various minerals and vitamins in them. Thus, for a variety of reasons they are very medicinal.

Mangoes for your health?

Mango typically grows in more tropical areas – I have one phenomenally huge mango tree in my back courtyard…awesome…but are they good for your health?
Lettuce in a bowl

What is Iceberg lettuce, really?

Don’t know about your area, but in grocery stores in Canada, Iceberg lettuce is the most commonly purchased. Yet there are a huge variety of lettuces and with differing nutrient profiles.

Garlic: My favorite herb

Actually, I have two favorite herbs – garlic from the west and turmeric from the east. Why? Because they are both so important to so many systems in the body.
ginger root and powder

Ginger – why eat ginger

Ginger aka zingiber officinale, has a very long medicinal and culinary use. It is a spicy herb, a flowering plant but we use the roots. It is related to other herbs like turmeric and cardamon and it is used in culinary recipes, in teas, in soda, and in medicinal forms like tinctures.
flour in a jar

Flour: which to use and why

Yes, I know, most of us are not going to grow our own grains. We can leave that to the big acreage farmers. The challenge is the sprays used on the grains. Typically, Monsanto sprays. They are absorbed through the leaves from the air and incredibly harmful.

Endive – what to put in your salad

Endive is often mistaken for lettuce, when in fact it belongs to the daisy family. However, it is a green leafy vegetable that is often used in salads like mesclun (a mixture of young tender greens, usually includes arugula, chervil and endive) or cooked like spinach.