Mangoes for your health?


Mango typically grows in more tropical areas – I have one phenomenally huge mango tree in my back courtyard…awesome…but are they good for your health?

There are hundreds of mango species with different tastes, shapes and sizes.

Regardless of the species, mangoes tend to have the following nutrients:

  • Vit A  – for the eyes and the immune system
  • Vit B1 – for energy production
  • Vit B2 – for energy production
  • Vit B3 – for energy production
  • Vit B6 – memory, movement, blood flow, mood
  • Vit B9 – for cellular function
  • Vit C – for the immune system and collagen
  • Vit E – supports the immune system; is an antioxidant; helps form red blood cells
  • Vit K – helps regulate blood clotting; supports bone health
  • Copper – for the immune system
  • Magnesium – for muscles including the heart; nerve function, over 380 cellular functions
  • Potassium – for muscles, including the heart, nerve function
  • Amylases – digestive enzymes
  • Antioxidants – lutein and zeaxanthin for the eyes
  • Polyphenols: which are good antioxidants and anti carcinogenic
    • mangiferin
    • catechins
    • anthocyanins
    • gallic acid
    • kaempferol
    • rhamnetin
    • benzoic acid

With that kind of profile, they should be included in your diet.

They normally grow in zones 10 and 11 but apparently  you can grow them in zone 7a according to the internet.

They are a hardy, subtropical tree, and if you live in the right zone, you can actually start it from the large stone found within.

I love mango smoothies, but you can add them to salads, grill them, salsa, use with lime and shrimp in tacos, combine them with salmon, tuna and other fish; make them into the Indian ice cream – kulfi, and much more…great for the health so enjoy…

Dr Holly