Dr Mel Bruchet

Dr Mel’s Mission: Save the Children

Doctor Mel Bruchet

Melvin Robert Bruchet was born in Lethbridge, Alberta, a war baby, August 13, 1940, and soon after the family moved to Vancouver. He attended Our Lady of Perpetual Help, High School, where he was an altar boy. Following graduation, he went to Ontario to be a Redemptorist Catholic priest and soon after decided that that life was not for him. Mel attended UBC for pre-med, and graduated 4th in his class. In 1967, his surgical mentor, Philip Ashmore, a Vancouver paediatric cardiovascular surgeon, was recommended when he interned at Ben Taub Hospital in Houston, Texas. At that time, Houston was the murder capital of the U.S. black power ruled. County hospitals served a city that was a virtual war zone. The Pathology was extreme, as was the learning. Mel bonded with the black and the Latino criminals but victims, who were shot or stabbed. Following this amazing medical experience, he had to return to Canada to avoid enlistment in a MASH unit in Vietnam.

The next 50+ years of his medical career prepared him for the present day. After doing locums in very special medical communities like Quesnel and Nakusp, he returned to the Lower Mainland and worked in most big hospitals in Vancouver area, and soon opened his office door across the street from Lions Gate Hospital, due to its good reputation, where he was joined by Doctors Bill Jensen, Rod MacGillivery and Brent Brown, in a full service family practice.

Dr Mel married a wonderful physiotherapist Merne, and were blessed with three bright, unique Bruchet girls, who lived the dream, travelling together all over the world and enjoying a summer home getaway on the Olympic Peninsula. They also travelled around Europe in a Chevy van in 1990, the year of desert storm and tear down of the Berlin Wall.

Dr Mel later moved his practice to Lynn Valley, he worked in walk-in clinics. Overall, this was a very good experience. However, by 2018 he had had enough, and could no longer stomach the massive deterioration in the health delivery system. He was burned out, depressed and paid peanuts, compared to his partners, who would only do the remunerative shifts. However, he felt that he made the right choice by returning to Canada, than as a sub-sub specialist surgeon in the U.S. army. His days on the North Shore, treating a beautiful group of ethnicities from around the world was very rewarding. In addition to being a doctor, he engaged as a caregiver, support and friend, for up to four generations … “You deliver them, look after them, and eventually bury them. You love and care for most of them, and they respond in kind to you.”

The story of Dr. Mel’s awakening to the Sars-COV-2 hoax began in February 2019, speaking out at Lonsdale Quay, honouring all of our heroic war vets, the RCMP, particularly Sergeant Danny Bulford. At the same time, he presented the 30-40% increase in all types of cancer caused by the same genetic experiment, as well as the multiple increasing cancer survivors. His intent being to stop people from being injected with an experimental bioweapon they did not need. Several weeks later, he exposed an incident of 13 stillbirths, withing 24 hours at the BC Women’s Centre. This report generated a ridiculous response from Bonnie Henry and BC Coastal Health, who claimed that the entire event was a hoax. At the same time, in Waterloo, Ontario – within a six-month period, there was an 800% increase in stillbirths in their hospital. Each of those women who lost their babies had been vaccinated. This was incited under an incredible amount of pressure, and complete lack of informed consent. Tragically, no follow-up studies or investigations have been done to prove the validity of these event. In past, two or three stillbirths over one year, triggered a detailed investigation. Dr Mel’s mission remains to uncover the worldwide tragedy and expose the perpetrators of this genocide.

These events and several others, triggered an aggressive false alarm by a new tenant, which led to his incarceration. Late evening on December 8, 2021, three RCMP cruisers arrived at the home of 80 year old, Dr. Mel Bruchet, a prominent member of a Sovereign Doctor’s Board, forcibly handcuffed and arrested him on ambiguous charges, took him into custody and placed him in Lions Gate, Hope Psychiatric Centre, under the Mental Health Act, to be held and detained against his will for over 25 days.

“After midnight, my former tenant, Patrick Vivanco, claimed that I was abusing his cat, which allowed Constable Neal Jones to illegally cuff me at his front door, and march me up to a waiting four RCMP vehicles, in front of my neighbours. They were a virtual SWAT squad. I did not think I looked or acted like Osama Bin Laden.”

They took his phone away and forcibly administered ‘Loxapine’ and another antipsychotic drug that both warn of a “high mortality rate” when taken by anyone over 60 years of age. Dr Bruchet suffered a number of mini-strokes as a result.

Dr Mel was committed under the Mental Health Act, under a feigned diagnosis of left frontal lobe dementia and mania. The rest of the details were recorded including the literally hundreds of people who supported him and his release from the Hope Centre, especially Dr. Daniel Nagase, Headsman of the Peoples of the Salmon, Popois, and others who witnessed the entire event. Daniel and Mel stayed in safe houses throughout Alberta and BC as they attended many rallies supporting the doctor’s cause. Now that all warrants for his re-arrest have been removed, they are working diligently to end the greatest hoax and biological disaster, ever produced on planet Earth. Further details are available regarding his and many others impending suits against BC’s Health Officer, Bonnie Henry, Minister of Health, Adrian Dix, BC Attorney General, all the psychiatrists, nurses, et al.

“I am so grateful and thankful to his God, my family and hundreds of my new and old friends who have saved and supported me, fed me, housed me and been an incredible support over two provinces, for the last three years. I am still finding new individuals who came long distances to support me in every step of his journey. To repay my debt to them, and all the people who have been eliminated by this injection, we are increasing awakening on this planet and victory is in sight. With increasing faith, truth, awareness and strength, the battle will be won. Good will always prevail over evil. Science over pseudo-science. Sanity over insanity. Justice over injustice, and most importantly, God over Satan.”

Thank you so very much for following and supporting me and my team, with your prayers and everything I need to keep going on this quest to end this worldwide carnage…Sooner than later.

Regards, Dr. Mel”