UVE Funding Network

Assisting and Enabling the Realization of Peace on Earth!

Are you a Peace Loving Freedom Fighter who is in need of grant funding for your well-being and/or that of your organization? Perhaps we can assist you!

We understand there are many struggling to stay afloat, within the realm of the demonic corrupt government and banking system. So, we at UV are creating a pool of resources to lend a hand to those warriors and organizations, who strive to make the world a better place for One and All, to restore Heaven on Earth.

In order to streamline the application and approval process, all funding requests to United Voices will be administered through the form below, allowing a review of each application based on its own merits, in a timely, fair and consistent manner. Thank you for your interest in joining us on United Voices and for helping make a difference in our world.

(If you are in a position to donate, thank you! Donate here)

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