HolisticPet WellBeing

Retired from veterinary practice with 25 years experience, Dr Brenda  focuses on providing affordable Wellness Consultations for your pets to optimize their health and longevity.  During the 80 minute zoom consult Dr Brenda will draw on her extensive experience, scientific research and commitment to support your pet’s amazing ability to heal and flourish. Health isn’t just the absence of disease, it’s the presence of vital life-giving energy that supports our pet’s ability to thrive.  Detoxing, appropriate diets and alternative natural supportive care form the basis of Wellness Consultations. You will come away with a pet wellness plan, a strategy that will help you and your pets build a quality of life together for as long as possible. 
Whether your pet is sick or injured, young or old, we can make a positive impact and help them be healthier and happier!  Let’s work together to make this happen!
Cowichan Valley, British Columbia, Canada