Sunshine Coast Peninsula Fellowship

The SunShine Coast Peninsula Fellowship is an unregistered private fellowship, which is a private ministry association in which we Care for our Souls in all matter of busyness.

We focus on attending to the caring for All Souls in peace and harmony, health of body, mind and spirit, and to create a healthy support network for our community’s sustainability to thrive.

We encourage sharing of knowledge and skills by developing supportive mentorships through all means, in all ways and manners of busyness and association to uplift the Care of Our Spirits in this Fellowship.

Some of the developing needs we are identifying with and embracing include:

We have established By-Laws & a constitution for members to abide by for the assurance of safety, privacy, sustainability, our health and to begin the repair of Societal Trust amongst our Fellowship, for our Community to Thrive and indirectly the World to Thrive.

Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada