Diabetes – manage it or eliminate it?

Sugary donut close-up with sprinkles

Did you know that 3000 years ago in India, Ayurveda medicine could differentiate between 20 different types of sugar disorders and in today’s western medicine, we can only differentiate four – hypoglycemia, prediabetes aka metabolic disorder, type 1 and type 2. Pretty pathetic wouldn’t you say?

Like with so many medical issues, we are still coming out of the dark ages, and ironically bragging about how far ahead we are. It is sad and pathetic.

However, let’s focus on diabetes.

First off, let’s recognize that it is not a disease. It is a symptom.

Secondly let’s recognize that it can be caused by infection – bacterial or viral, as well as liver and adrenal issues, it’s not just about diet.

And thirdly we can have a huge impact with diet alone, never mind various supplements and tinctures.

So, let’s look at the process in the body. First off if we are dealing with diet, we are dealing with the gut. There are two main categories of fibre in our diet – soluble and non-soluble…soluble regulates the blood glucose uptake across the mucosal membrane of the intestines. So, we need to eat more fibre.

Secondly the sugars then go into the portal blood system and up to the liver. If the liver isn’t inflamed, has non-alcoholic fatty liver syndrome aka NAFLS, low levels of glutathione, infections, etc, it has a hard time using glucagon to regulate the sugars and the sugars are left in the blood.

The next step is the adrenals. They produce another hormone called cortisol. Too much cortisol – if stressed; or too little cortisol – adrenals are burnt out – will affect the cortisol’s ability to regulate blood sugars.

The final stop is the pancreas. The pancreas produces insulin which tells the insulin receptors to take sugar out of the blood. If the pancreas is infected or inflamed or burnt out, we lose insulin production. Also, the insulin receptors can get burnt out as well and stop responding.

So, the average Joe ends up going to his MD, who more than likely prescribes metformin – the most commonly prescribed diabetic drug.  Little does the MD know that metformin is the isolated, synthetic version of a compound called berberine found in a wide variety of herbs.

When the berberine compound is taken in the natural herbal tincture, along with all the polyphenols, vitamins, minerals, etc that it normally works with, berberine can have a huge impact in eliminating diabetes. However, when the compound is isolated (and nothing in nature operates in isolation) and worse yet, made into a synthetic version, it can’t eliminate diabetes. But side effects include acidosis, kidney issues and the reduction of CoQ10 that the cellular mitochondria require in order to make cellular energy!!!

There are a number of herbs that can affect the liver and the levels of glucagon, the adrenals and the cortisol production, even the pancreas and increase the production of insulin, without negative side effects.

Add that to reducing sugar intake and you can beat diabetes in a couple of months.

So having said all that let’s take a quick look at what excess sugar can do in the body. The body can create over 100 different types of AGEs or advanced glycation endproducts. These attach to cells and cause dysfunction – so anything and everything can go wrong.

In addition, excess sugars are also related to the production of different types of amyloids. They can interfere with blood flow and nerve functioning.

So… the big issue is to stop the sugar intake. Once you eliminate sugars for a while, you will stop craving them. They are detrimental to your physical and mental health and well-being….

The choice is yours, it’s your body and your health. Start reducing the sugars. If you have diabetes go see someone in real health medicine that can help you eliminate it – or get my book, Diabetes – manage or eliminate it, from Amazon. And think about whether you really want to take pharmaceuticals.

It’s your body. It is your health.

Here’s to making good decisions.

Dr Holly