Fever – kill it or nourish it?


The body is very good at talking to us if only we had learned to listen rather than confuse it with pharmaceutical drugs!

When the body has an infection, there are several ways the body can eliminate the intruder. If the pathogen is in the respiratory system, the body can cough it out or sneeze it out or use the general cold to eliminate it.

If the infection is in the digestive system, then the body can use diarrhea to eliminate the infection.

One of the best ways the body can eliminate an invader is with a fever – basically burn it out.

Now we are taught in western civilization – and I swear we are just coming out of the dark ages – that if we have any discomfort, we should take a pill and eliminate the discomfort. That makes us a bunch of wusses AND causes our hugely effective immune system to dysfunction.

When we allow the immune system to do what it is supposed to do, it becomes wiser and stronger and more efficient. When we take pills to eliminate the symptoms, the immune system actually becomes weaker.

Now there are some situations, when we need to support the immune’s system to work more effectively. As discussed before this involves all those thousands of different types of transfer molecules – again, if you want to connect with me and sign up for the best (ho***@ch**************.ca) you are welcome to do so. Those transfer molecules cannot only build up the immune system but in effect re-program it and make it hugely stronger and more efficient.

We have different formulas for each of the different systems, for instance, the gut, the respiratory, the cardio, the kidneys, etc.

The rule of thumb in natural medicine is you should get really sick, maybe three to four days, every 2-3 years and get over it in a few days. This gives the immune system a really good workout.

I can remember when my husband and I used to proclaim how healthy we were – that we hadn’t been sick in 12 years. Then I found out our immune systems weren’t working. Oh dear!!

So, remember, if you get a fever, drink lots of fluids and allow it to run its course.

Now there is a qualifier here, if your fever gets too high, you want to bring it down – using cold cloths or a cold shower. Don’t let your fever go over 105°F.

In Germany they use fever labs to eliminate cancers. They feed the body a huge amount of nutrients for several days, then induce a fever. The temperature and duration depend on the type and severity of the cancer. Then they burn out the cancer using high temperatures.

Our bodies are wonderfully designed, and we should listen to and respect them and work with the systems the body has to protect us rather than distort and cause dysfunctions.

If you are interested in more information about your incredible immune system, you can download or get a hard copy of my book on the immune system from my website www.DrHollyBooks.com.

Here’s to a healthy immune system.

Dr Holly