Kidney stones – now they can be painful

Drinking Water

You never want to develop kidney stones. As one nurse put it – they are just as painful as giving birth, you just don’t get the happy ending… 

So…we have different types of kidney stones:  

  • Calcium Oxalate Stones. The most common type – when calcium connects with oxalate in the urine which can occur with low fluid intake 
  • Calcium Phosphate Stones. Calcium phosphate kidney stones are caused by abnormalities in the urinary system  
  • Struvite Stones – caused by infection in the upper urinary tract  
  • Uric Acid Stones – due to a high purine diet 
  • Cystine Stones – rare but tend to run in families 

Typical symptoms include:  

  • severe pain on either side of your lower back 
  • more vague pain or stomach ache that doesn’t go away 
  • blood in the urine 
  • nausea or vomiting 
  • fever and chills 
  • urine that smells bad or looks cloudy 

So how do we eliminate the different types of kidney stones? Western medicine has some methods: 

  • Shockwave lithotripsy – noninvasive but less success then ureteroscopy 
  • Uteroscopy – more invasive but higher success rates 
  • Percutaneous nephrolithotomy or nephrolithotripsy – nephrolithotomy, the doctor removes the stone through the tube. In nephrolithotripsy, the doctor breaks the stone up and then removes the fragments of the stone through the tube 
  • Reflexology – the MD in the hospital told me that it was the largest kidney stone he had ever seen and wanted to operate immediately – instead i did reflexology – hurt like yeah that bad, but totally non invasive and worked like a charm 
  • Keeping hydrated is a way to help the stones move through the system – which means water, not soda or alcohol or drinks with sugar 
  • The citric acid in lemons and limes can attach to the calcium in the urine preventing calcium oxalates 
  • While leafy greens, real cocoa and are incredibly healthy, they are also high in oxalates and if you are inclined to create stones these foods should be avoided 
  • Apple cider vinegar is a great way to break down stones – 1 tablespoon in a glass of water 3 times a day – add lemon or lime juice – even better 
  • Increase magnesium intake 
  • Avoid salt 

Here’s to no stones and no pain. 

Dr Holly