ALERT! Our Children’s Lives Are In Danger!

Alert Our Childrens Lives Are In Danger square - ALERT! Our Children's Lives Are In Danger!

WWIII Nazi Mind Control Has Swept the Nation … Rampant Pedophilia, Sex Trafficking, Murder…!

Alert Our Childrens Lives Are In Danger square - ALERT! Our Children's Lives Are In Danger!

Could it be true that our government, politicians, media, judiciary, police, military, ministries of health, education and childcare services, etc. are engaged in the seduction, abduction, abuse, torture and genocide of our children?

DOJ Human Trafficking - ALERT! Our Children's Lives Are In Danger!

For millennia child sex trafficking, pedophilia, ritual child sacrifice, blood and organ harvesting, age inappropriate sexual orientation, gender persuasion, hyper-sexualization of children, etc. have been hidden behind a dark curtain. Now that it is being revealed, it requires meaningful action to defend the family unit, our children and youth, as we unify and create sustainable communities. . . . .


A loving Mother and spiritual Health practitioner, looking out for the best interest of her three children –was provided full custody in April 2023, and after thorough investigation in August 2023, Durham Children’s Aid Society (DCAS) determined the boys were in a safe haven with their Mother, with “Case Closed” – was hauled back into the Durham Court under false pretenses. . . .

continue to harass, instill fear and insist the boys are ‘missing’. This family has been physically and sexually abused and traumatized by their father and uncle, and NOW the criminal Courts, who have forced them out of their realm of comfort, to the extent they feared for their lives, had to flee their home like fugitives, leaving behind all material belongings and $100s of thousands in financial loss of her home.

That’s where the nightmare began … For the complete story and Truth of the corruption that is really going on, visit here . . .