winter gardening - sprouts

Gardening for the winter months – hmmm. But yes, just like we were just saying, start growing inside. 

All the various sprouts and microgreens have a huge amount of nutrient 

All the herbs you can grow on your windowsill have a lot of nutrient.  

Your garden also needs nutrient and in particular fixing nitrogen in the soil. We can do this during the winter months. 

Common things to grow over the winter months, in your outdoor gardens, that fix nitrogen include 

  • Red clover, trifolium is the one that I use
  • White clover 
  • Winter legumes  

Then in the spring you can turn these over into the soil and they provide good nutrient for the soil as they decompose.  

In the summer, these plants are great for fixing nitrogen 

  • Fava Beans 
  • Green Beans/ French Beans 
  • Runner Beans 
  • Garden Peas 
  • Field Peas 
  • Pigeon Peas 
  • Soybeans 
  • Peanuts/ Groundnuts 
  • Lupins 
  • Everlasting Sweet Pea (Lathyrus Latifolius) 
  • Wood Vetch (Vicia sylvatica) 
  • American Vetch 
  • Tufted Vetch 
  • Licorice  
  • White Clover 
  • Red Clover 
  • Alfalfa