Funeral Directors Know What’s Going On

Coroner's Corner

After 51 years serving people grieving, it can easily be said that none of us Professional Funeral Directors have ever seen a more colossal betrayal of our vulnerable clientele, by Wall St., or its minions, our Governments. Generally, my peers attest to a minimum increase in the death rate of 23%, between 2019 and 2022.

As a contractor to Women’s Hospital (BC’s leading maternity trauma centre for 5,000,000 people), they currently average 20 stillbirths a month, yet my friend Dr. Mel Bruchet was told by some Death Doulas he works with, that on September 19th, 2021, Women’s Hospital had 13 stillbirths in a single day. Bonnie Henry expressed her sincere appreciation by having him arrested, and locking him in an insane asylum for nearly a month.

If you want a taste of what my peers endure, watch “Died Suddenly”, on Rumble. Unfortunately, we all share the same vulnerability to the state that our doctors share: the suspension of our licenses to earn a living. However, I learned in 1978 that the real authority in my business, funeral service, were the biggest demons I’ve ever met. So, surrendering my humble noble profession to them has never been an option. Prayer has been and is what saved me. My peers and I have kicked Wall Street’s butt, taking back 70% of the businesses they stole, just by waking up in the morning, and doing the right thing! The key is to do it anonymously!