Dr Mel Bruchet ‘Stillbirth’ Testimony: Incarcerated & Poisoned, For Speaking Truth On The Bioweapon

BC Women's Hospital

On a typical rainy west coast Sunday in October, a ragged group of a dozen activists attended my talk at Lonsdale Key and were invited to my place for a pizza party.

Back at my house, a group of Doulas came to me and told me and Dr. Daniel Nagasi that on the 18th and 19th of September, 2021, there were 13 stillbirths in two nursing shifts at BC’s Women’s Health Centre, the main referral centre for women’s health issues in British Columbia.

We were dumbstruck. We could not believe this staggering information. It was almost incomprehensible. How could this be covered up by everyone involved in the main referral hospital except this brave group of doulas? The reality of this is too shocking for most people to comprehend.

On the 5th of November that year, Dr. Nagase and I went with a group of supporters to the North Vancouver RCMP detachment to file personal notices of liability against Premier John Horgan, Attorney General David Eby, Health Minister Adrian Dix, Chief Medical Officer Bonny Henry, and the BC College of Physicians and Surgeons.

With the aid of increasing numbers of supporters, and thanks to the notoriety of the people we named, the reach of our message began to grow significantly.

While this was happening, one of our main supporters asked for a place to stay and I obliged by allowing him to stay in my home. Soon after, his support turned sour and he began disrupting meetings at my house. Over a 3-week period, there were approximately 30 RCMP members summoned to my home by me, my neighbours, family and friends, all to contain this man’s threats. All of this resulted in him making an illegal 911 call to the RCMP, and making a false accusation against me.

On December 8th, 2021, I answered the door to find 4 squad cars and 8 RCMP officers who came to arrest me. The lead officer took great pleasure in handcuffing me in front of my house guests, who included Dr. Charles Hoffe, Dr. Daniel Nagasi, and a prominent indigenous leader. I was then walked up my driveway in front of my neighbours to a waiting RCMP vehicle, where I was put in the cage behind a uniformed RCMP nurse.

I was taken to the Mental Health Team at the Hope Centre adjacent to Lion’s Gate Hospital, where I was threatened with the injection of nauseating life-threatening chemicals if I would not take them orally.

Lion’s Gate is the hospital where I began working in May of 1970. I was handcuffed in full view of everyone. I was committed to the Hope Centre under the Mental Health Act with a presumed diagnosis of “Left Frontal Lobe Dementia and Mania”.

The second signer was psychiatrist Dr. Peter Lim, who authorized the use of Lipozine and Abilify – even though these drugs have known contraindications and warnings that they are not to be administered to anyone over the age of 60, as death may result. These drugs had debilitating effects on me. I was held for 28 days of mental assessment, where Dr. Lim subsequently admitted that he had misdiagnosed and mistreated me with these anti-psychotic drugs.

Because I stood up, they tried to silence me. But I will not be silenced. None of us can be silenced. The truth cannot be silenced. I commend all the speakers and all the attendees and all those who have been harmed by these injections and are speaking out.

As Dr. Hoffe said recently, “the doctors must finish what the truckers started” and I will add that the doctors, the victims, and all those who know the truth must finish what the truckers started. We all need to find our courage and to stand up. We have truth on our side. We have love for humanity on our side. And with the sword of truth and the armour of love, we will win. We will end this medical tyranny… and we will do it, united together.