Susan’s re-Enchanting Education… and Media

Susan Terry reading to baby

Re-Enchanting Education

Bring PEACE into your child’s education…and life, in a sustainable community garden environment, home-school, and/or online classroom setting.

“The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future in life” 


“Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything s/he has been taught in school.”


“Whatever the intellectual quality of the education given our children, it is vital that it include elements of love and compassion, for nothing guarantees that knowledge alone will be truly useful to human beings. Among the major troublemakers society has known, many were well-educated and had great knowledge, but they lacked a moral education in qualities such as compassion, wisdom and clarity of vision.”

Dalai Lama

Why Arts in Education?

The poet William Blake claimed that the imagination is our highest faculty and central to our conscious perception and experience of reality. More than two hundred years later, scientific research on the brain and creativity confirms the great poet’s insight.

It has become evident that students who receive a meaningful education sparked by wonder, best learn core Academics by way of an inquiry based and experiential infusion of the Arts.

Re-enchanting education requires an approach to learning from a holistic perspective, while working from an innovative step beyond technology, to provide students with a new brand of enlightened education, in an inspiring and engaging eco-sustainable environment.

When we are truly engaged in our education, with the provision of tools that ignite, unfold and augment our innate gifts and talents, we are provided the capacity to reach our highest potentiality.

“Your state of mind today will be your state of life tomorrow. Trust in a brighter future and it will come your way. When at war with yourself, you’re more likely to start a war with others. Create peace within yourself to make peace with those around you.”

Mahatma Gandhi