Understanding the variables in cancer

Turmeric root and powder

There are a huge number of cancers and a variety of causes of cancers. However, there are three common variables. Number one is the membrane or membrane potential that allows sugars to cross the cellular membrane but not oxygen. The high sugar content, required by the mitochondria to produce energy, creates an acidic pH inside the cells. Cancer cells are known to demand 4-10x the normal amount of sugar – good reason to starve them from sugar.

The second variable is in the DNA. The DNA of any cell has a program called apoptosis aka preprogramed cellular death. When a variety of different issues are met, for example, low glutathione, then the cell will automatically die. This genetic component is turned off in cancer cells. We obviously need to turn it back on.

The third variable is called angiogenesis or the production of new vascular pathways, which allow the tumors to rob you of even more of your nutrients. This needs to be blocked.

So what do we do… well obviously the first step is to stop the added sugar content. All foods have sugars – and there are a variety of different sugars, so we eliminate the added sugars and focus on foods with low sugar content.

Next we need to turn on apoptosis and block angiogenesis and we can do both with turmeric.  The challenge is threefold:

  1. 80% of the world’s turmeric is toxic
  2. The curcumoids in turmeric are hard to absorb across the intestinal mucosal lining
  3. The liver requires pepper compounds to help metabolize the curcumoids

So we need to make sure the turmeric we use is organic and non-toxic – we use Sewanti turmeric – which you can buy online, because it has gone through three labs to make sure it is clean.

Next, we warm up avocado oil (because it is anti-inflammatory) and coconut oil (lauric acid and caprylic acid are anti-microbial).

We add a high quality turmeric to make a paste.

Then we add in pepper to taste.

We can use this combination both topically and/or take in internally. It can help turn on apoptosis, block angiogenesis and alter the membrane potentiation. Viola….

We use this formula along with transfer molecules and herbal tinctures to resolve cancer issues, with beautiful success….

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